Corporate Governance

Our Team of Advisors collectively have decades of experience in advising Company Directors in relation to their statutory obligations pursuant to the Companies Act 2006, Data Protection Act 2018 and various other statutory provisions that the Company is obliged to comply with but also the personal culpability of the individual Directors also.

Many Directors from our experience are not aware of their own personal culpabilities in relation to actions taken on behalf of their corporate entity. It is not unusual that in the case of a significant material breach of statutory obligations, that the corporate veil may be lifted by a competent statutory authority resulting in the individual Director being personally liable for any adverse judgement. At Sigma Law, we can advise Directors at an early stage to ensure they and their Financial Advisors ensure up-to-date and correct corporate records, minutes and resolutions are kept and significant board decisions of the Company are correctly actioned in accordance with statutory provision.

Further, we are able to assist in making sense of various legislation which a commercial enterprise will experience on a day-to-day basis ensuring that where a Company for example, is the data controller, they ensure that appropriate policies and record-keeping is kept by the Company or its appropriate personnel and all data recipients are provided with the correct notifications and disclosure.

Due to the ever-changing speed of digitization and demands for corporate transparency, many Companies feel overwhelmed with such bureaucracy and legal obligations but in many cases, a quick discussion with one of our Advisors will allay most concerns and a speedy resolution so the Company Director or relevant business professional can focus on the needs of their commercial enterprise rather than delaying decisions because they are unsure of their legal obligations and consequences. In most cases, Sigma Law is able to undertake a complete corporate audit of the business, advise the Directors and assist in the implementation in the correct corporate procedures and legal framework bespoke to the needs of their Company or various commercial enterprises depending on the corporate structure


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