Agency/Distribution/Franchise/Shareholders Agreements

Should you seek practical legal advice on any commercial agreement, whether you are the agent, principal, investor, distributor or franchisor/franchisee, our Lawyers at Sigma Law are on hand to advise and assist with a number of cases. We are able to assist in both the preparation of such commercial agreements and also the protection of our respective client.

Commercial agreements are the core part of any type of transaction. Therefore, we consider that the key terms of the contract should be competently drafted so as to protect the position of all parties.

Franchise agreements can be complex but are essential in maintaining a position relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. Therefore, we can assist in ensuring that this relationship is not only maintained, but also fully protected to ensure that a positive outcome is achieved for the franchise for both parties. Alternatively, you may wish to become an agent for an established distributor or seek an investment in an existing trading venture. Whatever has been agreed between the parties, we can clearly advise on the type and nature of the commercial agreement needed.


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