Dispute Resolution/
Litigation Services

Sigma Law has a vast experience of commercial and litigation with specialist expertise in undertaking a broad range of dispute matters.

Our Lawyers have acted for clients in a number of complex Multi-Track cases. In the first instance, we would adequately advise you upon the prospects of success of bringing litigation against a third party and also, the litigation risk which may ensue. We are able to deal with contentious matters from the initial Letter of Claim until the conclusion of the case and the achieved judgement. Whilst conducting your matter, we would ensure compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol and the Civil Procedure Rules at all times to protect your legal position throughout.

If you consider a claim is being brought against you for which you have a viable defence, we are able to competently defend any litigation and also seek the recovery of costs should your defence be successful. We work alongside experienced Barristers to assist in your representation and if a negotiated settlement can be achieved via mediation or otherwise, we are able to seek a resolution in your interests and in conjunction with the Court’s overriding objective.


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