It is the commercial reality that there may be occasions where advice is required to the individual with regard to their personal finances. If need be, Sigma Law can assist and advise on individual voluntary arrangements, personal bankruptcy and any other debt management issues.

We understand that issues can arise with debts and other financial difficulties which may result in creditors demanding urgent settlement of debts or Court action. We appreciate that these can be stressful circumstances but can assist should you be subject to insolvency proceedings. We provide tailored advice on Statutory Demands, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Debt Relief Orders, Bankruptcy and overall Debt Management.

We consider that urgent advice should be sought should you be subject to insolvency proceedings as there may be significant implications for any assets that you jointly own with another party. Bankruptcy could also negatively affect your credit rating and therefore, we are able to provide bespoke advice taking in to consideration your individual circumstances.


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