Intellectual Property

Our Lawyers have a genuine knowledge and understanding of brand, reputation, and creative output – and the laws and rights which protect them. We appreciate the importance of the goodwill and value of your brand or any alternative type of intellectual property which no doubt, is the result of many years of hard work and determination.

As such, we at Sigma Law are able to assist you in protecting your intellectual property by representing you in the event of any infringement of your intellectual property. In doing so, we may seek an undertaking from the opposing party to avoid any further infringement and to protect your intellectual property at all costs. We can also represent you to remedy your position if an infringement upon your intellectual property has caused you financial loss or damages by pursuing litigation against the opposing party.

Alternatively, should you wish to license or sell your intellectual property or on the other hand, you are considering purchasing intellectual property, we are able to draw up the necessary contracts and ancillary documentation which both protects your position in the purchase, sale or license but also documents the transaction between the parties.


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