Share Purchases/
Asset Purchase Sales

If you need a Lawyer for a share purchase transaction, whether you are investing into a limited company or buying or selling the entire share capital of a business, Sigma Law are an ideal choice. We understand and are able to identify the correct type of transaction for our clients dependent on the circumstances and fully advise upon the options, so that our clients are able to make informed decisions.

Similarly to management buy-ins/outs, the due diligence is the core of the transaction which allows our client to collate as much information as possible about the company prior to entering in to a contract to effect the transaction. We carry out adequate due diligence by investigating documentation including questionnaires, making sufficient enquiries with the seller’s solicitors and also ensuring that the client fully understands the results of such due diligence.

Again, warranties are an imperative component of a Share/Asset Purchase as the buyer may inherit the company’s liabilities upon entering in to the contract. Therefore, we seek to protect our client’s position by ensuring the contract is drafted correctly including adequate warranties for a sufficient time-period.


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